Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Friday Nite Lights

If you're anything like me, you're probably trying to avoid doing a whole lot during the worst part of the day lately.  I've been spending a lot of time inside my air conditioned cocoon with a good book (or seven).  

Phoenix is nothing if not warm during the months of July and August but it seems that this year it might be a tad bit worse than normal.  Normally during the monsoon we get the benefit of slightly cooler temperatures to compensate for our slightly higher humidity.  I think someone needs to inform Mother Nature that she forgot to drop the temps and might have cranked the humidity a bit too much on us this year.  At the risk of causing raucous laughter throughout the Midwest, it's dang humid down here lately.  In light of the unpleasantness of midday, it's probably a good time to do more things during the cooler part of the day.  Which brings me to Friday Nite Lights...

On the third Fridays of the month starting in June, Historic Downtown Glendale comes alive from 5pm til 9pm.  This Friday, the 16th, head on down to Catlin Court (east of 58th Avenue and Palmaire) to enjoy some outdoor time that won't leave you feeling like you just climbed out your O'Keefe & Merritt.  Enjoy a nice meal or just take a relaxing walk on the brick lined sidewalks while listening to a local band serenade you.  And if you happen to find something you just can't resist at one of the local shops, well that's just a bonus in my book.

So, get your hibernating done during the day and convince your sweetie to take you to Friday Nite Lights.  It could just become your newest summertime tradition.